Ok, so first off. my epi LP. I've had it for over a year and I only ever use the bridge pickup, and have the selector set as a killswitch, and i was wondering if it would be bad for the guitar to just take out the switch? because it's getting annoying when I play more aggressivly that the sound will just cut out because i accidentally hit the selector up.

and second, i was wondering how hard it would be to put a tune-o-matic bridge in a fender mustang?

thanks for the help
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No, it won't harm anything to take out the switch. Just wire the bridge pickup wire straight to the bridge volume pot. And then from the pot straight to the output jack.
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Tune o matics require a neck angle, or they need to be recessed into the body.

Just take off the jaguar bridge, rout and drill for the tuneomatic, and you're good to go.

I'm pretty sure the mustang trems dont use a block, so yeah you should be fine.
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