okay i know i have been making WAY too many threads on pickups lately, but i really need help.
i have a fender mim strat FSR that has samarium cobalt noiseless pickups in it, but they're not enough for me. they dont do metallica, guns n roses, or van halen too well.
i CANNOT get a new guitar, or amp(fender blues junior), so i kind of need pickup suggestions.
So i no i kind of need a humbucker, but are there ANY single coil sized humbuckers that would be good for me?
or do i really need to get humbucker?
and what about lace sensors, would they be good?
any help is much appreciated.
lace sensors are outdated, dont bother with them

try seymour duncan. they do single coil sized humbuckers.
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dimarzio has some nice single coil sized humbuckers
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check out the bareknuckle sinner that will smoke most humbuckers for output
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i looked at seymour duncan and dimarzio, and im liking the hot rails
and will the sinner be able to take metallica and stuff like that? and how do i order them?
EDIT: i dont live in the UK, so does bareknuckle ship outside of the UK?
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um yes it will probs be more expensive, and yeah will handle tallica and w/e. It is a true single coil though, not a minibucker, but goes heavy as I said. Email tim at bareknuckle pickups, he is very helpful, ask him about shipping and give him the styles you play and I bet he recommends the sinner!
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus
thank you VERY much!!!
u were very helpful
EDIT: one more question, does matter if i get it flat or staggered?
and what the difference between the stocck polarity and the RW/RP one?
and whats the purpose of a zinc plated steel base?
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its not a pickup issue, its an amp issue.

edit: well, at the moment getting new pups wont help.
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I think you're really gonna need a new amp to tackle those bands. A pickup'll change the sound a little, but it's all in the amp as far as your situation is concerned.
i know what you two are saying, but i can't get a new amp.
i simply can't.
and i dont want to sound just like them, i just want a heavier sound.
so as the title says, im in a shitty situation.
is there something other than pickups that will help me get a heavier sound?
Perhaps a half-decent overdrive could work for you.

But you could save the over-drive fund and put it towards a new amp in the future... (same with pick up funds)

But, alas, if not, I can only suggest getting an overdrive.
Why can't you get a new amp, exactly?
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I have Hot Rails in my MIM and it does everything you described, both in the neck and bridge.
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Quote by Useful_Idiot16
I have Hot Rails in my MIM and it does everything you described, both in the neck and bridge.

Dude to be fair look at your amp and pedals. Ofcourse you can do those styles with that gear. A blue voodoo compared to the fender the TS has.
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