ug i need your help, which of these amp do you recommend, or something in similar price rang? i play mostly guns and roses van halen ozzy greenday metallica etc

Peavey Valve King 112
Randall RX 75RF
Vox AD50VT
Fender Princeton 112 plus 65w
Peavey Bandit 112 80w
Marshall 8080
I can get a pretty great Van Halen/80s shred tone out of my VK + Bad Monkey + delay pedal for leads. It should also be able to do Green Day and Ozzy (may struggle here unless you crank it) Metallica is a bit iffy, though... possibly, if you buy a great OD pedal, you'll be able to do it.

A speaker swap helps lots, too.
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Peavey Valve King 112 - Pretty good after the mods, mediocre at best without them.
VOX CAMBRIDGE 30 REVERB-TWIN - Has been called a poor man's AC30 in the past, though I wasn't too impressed with it, ever.
Randall RX 75RF - Solid State, metal orientated amp. Not really heard anything exempliary or particularly bad about them.
Vox AD50VT - Good all round practice amp. Wouldn't gig with it, or buy it if you're into heavier styles.
Fender Princeton 112 plus 65w - Nice clean channel, mediocre to bad drive channel. I wouldn't expect heavier styles out of this amp on its own.
Peavey Bandit 112 80w - Decent practice amp. OK tone when I played it, pretty modern.
Marshall 8080 - Assuming you mean the old Marshall Valvestate. It's ok on the lead channel, and ok if you play the clean channel loudish, but I don't like it at low volumes.
KUSTOM QUAD 100DFX - Solid State again, Kustom make some decent amps. Don't really know a lot about them TBH.

My recommendation out of those would be either the Valveking and upgrade or the Valvestate. It's not the best, but I certainly think it's usable in your situation.
ok soo im beetween the valve king and the ad50 cause it has amp models and all that stuff and i heard that theyre pretty decent. i cant get a classic 30 here. any more input on these two?
Well the upgraded Valveking will give you better tone, but the AD will give you more versatility. It's really a weigh up between those two.