i might be getting a mixer for xmas
i was just wondering where does it go.

can it go like:

guitar- mixer - amp

guitar - mixer - comp
what are you wanting to accomplish with your mixer?
recording, live sound, what?
if you want one for recording, than you should get one that has a built in firewire interface, so that you actually get to record multi tracked. and i would use a mic on your amp.
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i was going to use for live sound if that helps
and i dont feel like micing up my amp (im poor) so thats a no
if you want to record,
get an Interface, not a mixer.
frankly, there's no reason in the world to use a mixer for anything other than live sound "Front-of-house"
mixers are used for different things like recording or playing live. the mixer would be hooked up to a computer/recording software if you were recording, and a PA system if you were playing live. For both of those things you'd need a microphone (I suggest a Shure SM-57 or 58) to be able to use your mixer at all, along with cables.
putting a mixer between your guitar and amp will acomplish nothing.

for live sound it would be:

i cannot recommend anything if you arent going to use a mic for your amp. unless oyu have some magical amp thats sounds amazing being lined in.
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
Chea_man is the best.
Our band uses a mixer to mix the overall sound going to the PA. We mic our amps and then send the mic signal to the mixer, along with the vocals and drums, e.t.c. We play around with the volume levels and eq on the mixer to get the sound right, then send the signal off to the PA
made this a while ago, and never imagined that I'd post it more than once, but here goes:

That is really the only context that a mixer should be used in.

For live sound, a guitar doesnt have enough output to drive the desk properly. You can either take a line out (never use the speaker out - fireworks will occur), which will sound like ass without some serious effects and outboard gear on the desk, or you can mic the speaker, which is by far the easiest way, and it gets better - it will sound 100 times better than a line out guitar signal.
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