I think I done busted one of my tubes.

I have an ENGL Thunder 50 Reverb, and the drive is sounding tremendously horrible. Didn't have a screwdriver with me, but from what I could reckon by peeking through the grill was that one of my power valves was lighting both that healthy orange but blue as well. That one's ****ed up, I assume? I'm not sure of the brand, it was bought second hand and I forgot to ask. The amp still looks brand new, so I don't think he wore out even one set of pre's. There's the possibility that he swapped them out after he bought the amp, but I doubt it. I think there's one power that isn't glowing as well.
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The power tubes may be on their way out, but i read somewhere that some power tubes can glow blue, but a different shade from the "bad" blue, which can indicate a leak.

Is the glow new, or has it always been there
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