easier to find more skilled players in colleges, but commitment is what you'll have trouble finding
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
you two should start a band together.

but really, just do it for fun and you'll eventually find some guys to go with it
i found one half serious person but he already has a main project so impossible is the answer
Usually, yes, because there will be people taking dedicated music courses and as you choose your own course they are more likely to be serious about any aspect of music
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I think serious musicians are skeptical to play with a highschool kid. And if you're trying to play with other highschool kids, everyones so picky about their musical taste at that age.. unless you find some kids you really blend well with i would just work on getting better for now
its impossible when your in highschool...plus there are no drummers in my area under 36....i checked
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I was playing with much older players when I was right out of highschool.

Who cares if they're 36, ask them to jam anyways
if you're good it shouldnt matter