for the last year or so, i've been in multiple bands.. playing with 2-3 bands a week.

I just realized I dont ever pracice.. or even play my guitar by myself.. and i havent for a long time.

I was just reading a thread where some guy said he played the guitar for 10+ hours a day, which got me thinking how little I play these days.

the only time i can even be bothered to pick up the guitar alone is if im writting something or hear an idea in my head.

does anybody else feel like music doesnt do it for them unless you're playing with a full band?
No i love paying guitar alone by myself. Id love to be in a band or jam with friends or actually meet some cool guitar players, But anyone around here either plays really lame stuff or suck. All of our metal heads graduated last year
So yea, my friend plays keyboard and the other plays bass but we just mess around. I want to be in a band though, but i still practice every day no matter what, or at least play some.

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
hey, im a loner, i want a band to play with, but its hard finding a decent bass player and drummer near my neighborhood.
damn, i live in austin

even if there isnt a band practice i have to catch, theres open jams nearly every night of the week where anybody can come and play.

your town doesnt have that?! that sucks
Guitar playing is my meditation time. Alone is good for me. Playing with others is cool too, but it's just a different thing.
The biggest catch in forming a band, especially for a high school kid like myself, seems to be the bass player or the drummer. Everybody and their mother plays guitar these days, but good luck finding a drummer. At least here.

I prefer to work by myself anyway. I play guitar and bass, as well as keyboards, and I'm thinking of learning drums myself and just going it alone.
I love to play guitar or any instrument at all. I got a bass which I love playing, Drums is an awesome instrument, just love the rhythm. I play some hours alone a day just cause it's fun. Then playing with others is awesome. I got a bassist and we are quite close friends, and as soon as we get a chance we start jamming. In school I usually borrow a guitar and just sit down and play =D
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theres open jams nearly every night of the week where anybody can come and play.

your town doesnt have that?! that sucks

i hate you..... seriously, i hate you so so so so much

i live in the fort worth side of texas.... no open jam nights up here. just awful country bands, somehow there are still some rap/rock wanna be bands. a handful of awful rock and metal bands, some tejano and some sparsely good blues bands.
You live 3 hours away from arguably the coolest music city in the united states.

wtf are you doing in Ft worth!
I ONLY play by myself, but I think its mostly because im a bit of a noob and am self concious about playing in front of people still..
i was in a band but wen we wanted learn a song i always learnt it but only like one of the others did so we gave up on it, altho i always played alone before then
I kinda split my time between playing live, and practicing alone. I love the rush of playing live music!!! I play with my band most every weekend. I also practice 4-10 hours a day, by myself. I can really focus on certain things and kinda escape reality for a while, when I practice alone. I would recommend playing with a band whenever possible though.....it can really help develop good timing.
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damn, i live in austin

even if there isnt a band practice i have to catch, theres open jams nearly every night of the week where anybody can come and play.

your town doesnt have that?! that sucks

Dude, you're extremely lucky.

I live in a pretty smally town, I guess I could probably find some people around to jam with if I got on to it, which I really should because it'll greatly improve my playing I reckon.

Yeah, what you said inspired me to find some people to jam with as well, for fun and as a good way to improve. Cheers dude
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I play alone a lot of the time (as in every day). An open mic night may come along once in a while, and I always take that opportunity to play live.

Either instrumental stuff on my acoustic, or I'll improv some lead fills and solos with some dude I've never met before.

It's great when it's like that, cuz you're all in the same boat, enjoying it.
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I used to be in a band as well, but the course of life kinda disturbed that so now i only jam by myself. Im kinda like you though. Once It was only me, i found it hard to practice/play by myself. I dont get the thrill or drive from playin by myself. I found that I have to be jamming with a full out band to quench that thirst if you know what I mean. But theres hope......

Go out and buy a Boss 864 Digital Recorder ( i think thats the name of it). I forgot how much it costs....not that much....i think around $400. But that was like 3 or 4 years ago....its prolly cheaper now. But yea...

you basically can make your own band....record a rhythm....add in your own drum mix (you can use the ones already preset, or make your own) and then if you want, lay down a solo. Not only does this somewhat satisfy your "thrill" that you would get from playing with a real band, but its also great practice. You get to hear what you played, and hear the mistakes that you dont recognize while your actually playing. Also its great for practicing soloing skills.

but hands down......theres no comparison to actually playing live with a band.
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wtf are you doing in Ft worth!


my only little light is that i might be buying a house early next year and my friend who is a pretty talented bass player knows a drummer who digs metal and my friend the bass player is kinda fed up with his band.