For all the new guitarists out there I just want to show you a site if your having trouble finguring out what chords are called or how to play them. I found this amazing site that all you have to do is pick the note letter and then pick the type of chord and it shows you a chart. Or if you wanna know what a chord is called just put the dots on the frets on the fret board of the guitar on the site. Its been very usefull and i just figured some people might want to know about it.

Here it is:
Rather good online tool,

nice find dude.
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Dude great find... going to use the scales one!!!!!
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I use this website quite a bit: http://www.chorderator.com/

You can look up chords by name, you can look up any scale in any key, and you can pick out notes on the fretboard and it will tell you what chord it is.
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I've seen both of those websites, but I prefer this one over the rest.


It gives you diagrams of every possible chord, scale, arpeggios, progressions. It even has a tuner, metronome, and jammer that plays chords in midi allowing you to craft a song... using chords only though. There's also a ton of other shit. Pretty awesome site!