Wrote some lyrics up today, general basis of it is about someone undoing the order of the world, or something like that.

LYRICS - Genre: Thrash

I sneak into your house at night
And steal the innocence locked inside.
Get inside your children's minds
As I then claim their souls to be mine.

I poison the most innocent lives
As I fill their heart and souls with corruption.
Infect them with my hate,
stand back and observe their final fate.

You may run in fear...
You may hide and scream...
You better hide your loved ones...
As I'm Killing Society.

Don't resist when you become my slave
As I stand over you as your master.
It's your fear I crave
As I inflict pain and disaster.

I am the God of War
Striking down with artillery and thunder
Hit you with battery and assault
As society's pillars soon start to fall.

You may run in fear...
You may hide and scream...
But watch out buddy,
I'm Killing Society.

Not bad, dude. With a couple of brutal guitar rifs, I can see this more than working.
I realize I probably didn't tell you anything you didn't already know, but if you'll do crit4crit anyways, I have a song on here called Fight.