So ive been thinking, and i really dont like my current guitar's so much, infact ill probably sell them all..

anyways im looking at this for a new guitar, and im wondering if it'll be any good for the genre's i play, punk, rock, metal and some clean song's...

im also looking for a new tube amp, but ill start a thread about that once i get my new guitar, at the moment im playing thougha px5D and it doesnt do a bad job.. so yea that part can wait.

anyway this is the guitar im looking at;

My friends' father has a similar guitar from Hamer and it plays very smoothly and sounds good. Looks like a decent price, but if I were you I'd try to find a store with that (or similar) guitar and see if you like how it feels. I'm used to an SG and this Hamer feels much different when playing (sitting down). I doubt you'd regret buying this guitar unless you wanted to upgrade to an even better guitar soon after you got this one.

Yea i think the nearest shop to me, in newcastle may have them in stock, ill see if i can pop down soon and try it out. I have a simialar'ish guitar at the minute and i love the way it play's and feel's but its just not what im after anymore... well i guess ill still be keeping tha guitar, but not the rest.

How are SG's by the way?, im starting to like them alot.
I love my SG and it plays and sounds perfect to me, but the prices(Gibson versions) are outrageous. I'm very lucky my father gave me his old one, I wish I could afford to replace it if it gets stolen. I think you'll be pleased at the Hamer though, although I'm not sure Iv'e played that exact model you posted.
thanks for the feedback guy's

about it not distorting enough, that's ok, if i really like this guitar i can just replace one or both of the pickups

it's mainly for the look's of it, i really think it looks awesome with the abalone inlays and quilted finish

well if anyone else has experience with these i'd be eager to know what you think of it.. but if not i shall try and get to the store soon and try one out. i suppose i could ring up and ask the store if they would get one in and then go and try it, i wouldnt be obliged to buy it if i did that right?