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Fine Art
7 64%
Voters: 11.
This is for a cumtastic 3 points, bitchez.


Insufficient silences dispel the bloodshed,
sweeping it beneath a hungry carpet,
baying for more. Above the heads
of the near-dead, another bullet tears the
air and destroys the beauty of the soundless
breath of a fresh wind. Beneath your feet,
a black rose in the battlefield,
scarred for a lifetime of solitude. Artefacts made of gold
and brass, cuddled together, lovers beneath a fat moon,
die in rust. They fade away and you can only shed
the scent of a tear, a most fearless adversary. Lack
of emotions in a joyless world is just another
way in the hundreds we have discovered to kill ourselves;
acting disgusted in apparent kindness, repelling the caring
nature of an innocent man who came too close.
No one bites the hand that gives like us.

Fine Art

I went to an art show with too many people
saw a mock Monet and a poor man's picasso
But I guess there's no one left who can measure
up to, the freak foot talls of the old basketball team,
only half hearted hopefuls who can't live
the dream, until they bite the bullet
then they're fully committed
to the canvas they claim is the only conduit
to a door that goes past space and time
to a little travelled place at the back
of the mind where you always have more
than enough time to unwind there's nothing
going slower than our own little lives
hell we don't even know that we're dying inside
piece by piece every day, until we're ashes
that fly through soft autumn winds down
Kensington drive, cause that's where true art
goes when it dies.
fine arts was better written, imo. i didn't really like the tone in artefacts, idk, its just not my style i guess. it was nicely written too, but fine arts felt closer to home.
Both were great pieces, but I liked Artefacts the most...
Vivamus mea Lesbia, atque amemus,
rumoresque senum seueriorum
omnes unius aestimemus assis!