Poll: Where do you Masturbate the most?
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View poll results: Where do you Masturbate the most?
Living Room
25 4%
Your own room
448 67%
19 3%
Parents room
6 1%
104 16%
Sibiling's room
12 2%
Friends house
9 1%
47 7%
Voters: 670.
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Not caring no more
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Quote by desperatechris
Who the hell masturbates at a friends house? And how, where,when?

It's called tact, and not all people have it.
I Have An Avant Garde Fetish....
Quote by Gantz92
Im in no way an amateur. I masturbate in public all the time.
Quote by Nelsean
I can get an erection just by looking at a plastic cup, or a river.
Quote by Obsceneairwaves
Don't worry, rape will always find a back way in
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Quote by adamgur96
It's called tact, and not all people have it.

feks when hes in the bathroom wank in his laptop?
Goth JR
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Work isn't there? Nothing better then busting a nut on the clock haha
Some have friends....

... others have guitars....

Hey, it's uhh... 4:20....

Thought you'd like to know is all.

I am not here to make you laugh, I'm here to make you horny.
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Shit just realised it was a public poll.....

Eh well
Haven't fapped in timeeeeeee
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My room.

Though I may or may not have also done it in the living room and a Kohl's bathroom...
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
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poll isn't a good idea. we can get pretty creative.

for me it's on the roof. i stand up and spin around when i finish so all the plants get some of my love.