So this is my first attempt at writing any lyrics or anything, so if it sucks you'll know why. I wrote it on the train on my way into Chicago and its about struggling to write lyrics and this girl who I'm "in a relationship with", but not really. Things are weird, and it was a nice opportunity to start writing.


Life toiling away, riding the tracks all night long
Not sure what to think, but trying to sketch out some words for a song
A notebook, a nail, hard seat and the rails
Vision fades from exhaustion
But still I will try, not knowing why
To write something meaningful.

Useless thoughts and ideas pour forth, useless lines on the paper
Station by station, people pass by, not knowing what I'm thinking
Without you I feel, like a train with no engine
So many chances to move, but I was afraid to mention (awkward, but tryed to rhyme)
So now I fear, this'll never reach your ears
At least not what I meant to say
Down this long road, my story unfolds
Will you ever know what I meant to say?

90 miles an hours
For something sour
A taste in my mouth I can't help
Something I've never felt
But I cant get you out of my mind
No matter how long I ride
The tracks.