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Well, I've played some guitar off-and-on for around 4 years-ish but was never really that interested in picking it up from a "dedicated musician" standpoint - in all, I've been a bassist since the beginning of '01 (Christmas, y'know...)

In any case, I (obviously) have gained experience fitting, soldering, repairing, etc pickups and other random hardware on basses over the years, and a little bit on guitars (I've wired some pickups and killswitches on some friends' guitars).

Anyway, enough history. I come to you with a very simple question, which will make me look like a complete newb. I'm upgrading a knock-off strat just for something to blow money on, and I've recently found a prewired pickguard with EMG pickups. Great, right? Well, potentially, but I'm still having some doubts in my mind, as I know every knock-off style strat seems to have little differences in them... So I ask, UG, will the product linked below fit perfectly onto a generic strat knock-off, or what? Of course I can handle a bit of dremel-sanding to fit in some stubborn edges, as I've been forced to do before, and wiring will be no problem. I just want to make sure this will fit (close to) flawlessly, which appears to be the case, or if it'll come and be a useless piece of equipment. Thanks...

http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/EMG-EMGGC21-SA-Prewired-Pickguard-Set?sku=300274 - The Equipment in question

http://i37.tinypic.com/1690tjs.jpg - The "strat" in question
In theory it should fit just fine, it has the right number of screws on it to fit your strat so it should be fine.
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