i had some 10-52 D'addario strings on my beginners Jay Turser and i changed those strings for some 9-42 ernie ball's now i have horrible fret buzz on all my strings, all i changed was the strings

i had some factory strings on my epiphone studio les paul and i changed them for some D'addario 10-46 and now i have fret buzz on E and A and i cant get rid of it.
help me out
i had the same problem when switching strings on my gibson. most likely you need to raise the action a little bit, because of less tension on the lower gauge strings, they will oscillate in wider ellipses and cause them to tap the fret in their arcs. so raise the action would prevent this from happening.

if that doesn't fix your problem, it is most likely a truss rod issue. the guitar was set up for a heavier gauge string, which means it had more truss rod tension to counter string tension. putting a light gauge string on your guitar would have less total tension causing your guitars neck to bow backwards without proper relief adjustment. if you don't have any experience working with truss rods though, i suggest you find someone who knows what their doing to fix it or show you how it's done. messing with the truss rod can cause major damage to your guitar if you're not careful
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