I keep reading where people say to get an OD pedal to clean up and tighten up their tone... How does this work? What if the amp is already high gain? Doesn't the OD pedal just add more? Can some on give me a good example? I'm just planning to get a tube head and wanted to know how I'd go about making my tone better by "tightening up" my tone with say, a tubescreamer or badmonkey or something.
you run the sound through the OD after the amp and etc. it sort of compresses the sound and gives it a much different sound.

i do this with my ibanez ts-9
I think that it tightens it up because it allows you to eq the distortion even more. You dont use any of the distortion from the pedal and if you do you should cut back on the gain from your amp.

I honestly have no idea how it works though.
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After your amp? So it wouldn't be guitar>OD>amp?

It would be Guitar>Od>amp

You just turn the level up and leave the gain at 0 on the pedal. I don't know the specifics behind it on why it tightens it up, but it does.
It tightens everything up by boosting the signal going into the amp. In a tube amp, this works the tubes a bit harder. In a solid state amp, you just get more volume going into the amp

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its a thing called gain staging. its the same concept that allows a high gain amp to sound good with lots of gain, and a low gain amp to sound bad with lots of gain. you want to add a little bit of gain in each gain stage, not a whole bunch of gain in a single gain stage.
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^Yessiree. Why do you think 5150s have like eight billion preamp tubes? Tubescreamers and their clones also compress the signal, which helps with tightening up. Some metal bands use compressors to tighten up their sound. It all depends on what sounds good to you.
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