I'm getting a new guitar soon.
Probably another Jackson.

I was actually looking for a 7-string but apparently Jackson are too cool to do more than one model, and that model only has one pick up. and that pick is EMG.

I am prepared to route a hole in it for a neck pick up. But we'll see.

I'm also willing to go for anything else.
Budget is...

$1757.59 NZ. (which I can get any non US Jackson for anyway).

I was looking at Schecter 7 strings, but I'm a nubzor on any Shecter except the blackjack.. yaa

I was also looking at the DK2, and the KE3 Skulls model. (both Jacksons)

feel free to throw any suggestions.


KE3 Skulls

Christian Olde Wolbers 7-string
what jacksons have you got atm mate?
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Ibanez makes some nice 7's. IDK how that would go over with in NZ tho.
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Schecters are good for 7-strings, the loomis is a good one. Also, the ESP stephen carpenter (deftones) guitars are nice, you can get them in either 8 or 7 string versions, and they come with nice EMGs.
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if i were to get a 7 string it'd most likely be an ibanez. but i love jacksons, i've never tried their seven. and i definitely agree with your schecter statement, i can't play for crap on a schecter neck
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I thought this was going to be a "New Guitar Day" thread

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what jacksons have you got atm mate?

ATM I have a DKMGT with Blackouts, DK2M with Blackouts, and a JS30DK
that jackson COW desert camo looks ****in sick

and the red one is so nice too as far as looks go, and really if you dont play tooo many cleans one pickup would work.