who kicked the dog...james kicked mustanie's dog, or mustaine kicked james's dog?? i have read that mustaine kicked the dog but otherwise on internet says that james kicked it
James kicked Dave's dog. Ironically, I was just reading about it in a thread about one post down from this one.
I kicked YOUR dog.
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hetfield kicked mustaine's dog

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dave kicked the chair

LOL thats great

i think i actually heard something about this.
not sure though
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james kicked mustaines dog after he stached rons car
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To all you who think this isn't true.

It is infact a true story.

Mustaine took his dog to rehersal, when it jumped into the back of then bassist McGovney's car and scratched the paint.

Hetfield then yelled at the dog and when it got out of the car he kicked it.

Mustaine got angry and physically assulted Hetfield and McGovney.

There you go TS, in all its wonderous glory.
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well I dont take the report-post serious, because no mod closed it in 20minutes
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sounds funny never heared of it
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