Alrighty bass forum, wondering if you could help me out a bit. I think I'm in need of some better amplification, so I decided to start saving up all my hard earned monies.

Now before I go off spending it I'd like some of your input, what do you think of this?




Feedback is greatly appreciated, and so are any of your ideas. cheers guys.
if you like Ampeg probably a good sound. something tells me you do though...
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The low and mid range ampegs, I find are very lacking. The B1RE is not very under powered, and tonally it's just doesn't get the Ampeg tone that your after.

I would save up and try and B2RE which is much better. And maybe get a like a Carvin or Ashdown cab.

Better rig, same-ish price.
Ampeg's quality has gone down since they've been transferred to Vietnam. Your better off finding a used American Ampeg. Saying that, I wouldn't get the B1RE. It just doesn't have enough power IMO. If your in the UK, check out the Ashdown ABM's (don't know about the price) as well as Laneys and other companies too.
Ashdown abm's will be way more expensive thn a b1re but kep scouting ebay and places. I dont think i would buy a b series but th Svt im gasin for an svt 3 pro. You might be able to pick up an abm 300 cheap. Look into hartke ha 2500, 3500 or if you fell daing the new Kilo is coming out seen Looks Badass
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