At the moment I can't deside between getting a Digitech Metal master, DF7, EX7 or RP250. The store down the street only has Digitech effects the last time I checked. I'm into playing mostly punk. metal, light rock and anything else thats "headbang-able". My current buget is around $200.
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Save more and upgrade your amp, sensible money says that it's doing a lot more to scupper your tonal aspirations than anything else.
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I would honestly go to a different store and find a boss retailer. They truly have the best pedals, in my opinion. However, you may simply be in need of a new amp with a thicker overdrive channel. My amp was pretty afordable (Crate RFX200S), it comes with a clean channel, rhythm channel with a slightly higher gain, and a solo channel with TONS of thick drive/distortion. It has an on-board tuner, three effects channels with everything from flanger, phaser, octave, to echo, ping pong, and delay. I keep a phaser in the pedalboard with the Boss Distortion and the Boss Overdrive pedal if I need extra crunch.

It's also not a bad idea to have each of the following in time. A noise-suppressor is going to eliminate hum and buzzing. It'll help eliminate some slight-touch mispicks as well. I also like to have a compressor/sustain pedal for long-note solos and I can also use that with a tiny little level adjustment that makes the guitar a little louder as well. Of course, you can do that with the overdrive and the distortion pedal, but this lets you work that same horsepower into your clean channel as well.