So we had a show last night

We drove around two hours to go play with some bands we have played with a year ago

We were missing two horn players.
We forgot our bassist bass.
We forgot drums sticks.

Here is a video


and another one of us as a full group!


nice stuff guys, i love the bass playing and whole arragement on the fun song
Sounds pretty good guys - the originals are very solid. I think you guys would sound amazing with improved sound quality (on both the vids and myspace uploads), but it sounds great none the less.

Nice work, keep the ska alive!
Haha yea it was a long day for all of us, i got a call around 930 saying our tenor couldnt play, and our trombone was alrdy not going to be with us, as we were moving everything in the car we forgot a bass lol!

THANKS GUYS keep it coming
i actually quite enjoy it, you make streetlight tolerable! thats a major win in my book!
i also quite enjoy the myspace tunes, im waiting for an official release, i have a feeling those tunes are gonna be pretty rad when theyre properly recorded.
Yea thanks, haha yea we worked on everything went numb for a whileee, haha cause we have all seen the youtube videos of the other bands and we didnt want to be like that at all.

And sometime around December we are going to a studio for the first time to get a demo recorded!

thanks for all the feedback!
haha yes sir as soon as we do it, we are gonna have the songs on myspace and ill mail you one and who ever else wants one.
Thank you Thank you!

yea we just want to play music and we all love ska so why not?
Haha ill be sure to tell him that he is insane!
Nice job guys! Sounds pretty sweet. 'Specially the fun song.

You must send me chords

Kepp the ska going!

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

really good songs and sound, i like the singing, it's a little diffrent from the ska bands i usually listen to, it's a little more raw, i like that.

keep it up guy's, id also buy a CD when you's get it done
holy crap your bass player is a gawd
You guys have a good sound.
Your bass player plays REALLY good, but I didn't like the bass of the song.

I mean i think it's probably different about all the people that had commented above me, but I really thought that in many times it was just too much slap and arrangments of the bass that were just too much (and also, i couldn't hear the guitar well)

THat's my feedback But anyways, you doin it pretty good
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haha yea tiky that wasnt his bass, and we all knew it was WAYYY to loud but ppl were all over him and they all loved him so we were like forget it haha.

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback!