My friend is looking for a good amp at around £100.

It's not for gigging or recording or anything, really just for bedroom practice. He's looking for a metal/shred tone (though he's getting an OD pedal so the amp's own gain isn't too important).

Can anyone recommend one? He's looking at an MG right now and I'm aware of that bad press surrounding them but would it be ok just for practicing?
do not get the mg, get a roland cube those are great for practice
line 6 spider 30 watt
do go over 30 watt cauz this is not good
but under its okay
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i'd get a roland cube 30 and skip the od pedal...
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If he saved up another 50 pounds he could get a Roland Cube 30X
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i'd get a roland cube 30 and skip the od pedal...


Or possibly a Peavey Bandit with the OD.
With 25? pounds more, you could get a Fender Vibro-Champ.
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