My EHX metal muff pedal will not work anymore and I've only used it a few times.

When it is activated sound comes out of the amp for a few seconds then it fades away. It works when it's clean tho (not activated.) It's weird because I used to have a Boss Metal Zone pedal and the same exact thing happened so I returned it.

The problem can't be my amp I tried it on two amps, also 3 different guitars and both of my cables are fine. I am using 9 volt batteries like Eveready, anything I can find, so I've tested a bunch. The lights are lighting up like they should, I can't figure out what's wrong. Only difference is the metal zone died before MusicianFriend return shipping date was up.

Why won't pedals work for me?
In my experience, eveready are pretty crappy batteries and they die really fast... I learned that its cheaper to buy an AC adapter for them rather than wasting all of my money on batteries.

Plus the Metal Muff eats batteries. So I think you've just been unlucky in what you've used as your power sources. Get a nice Duracell, and if it doesn't work with that then it really is broken. If it does, consider getting an adaptor.
It doesn't really explain why he's getting those problems though, but the battery does seem to be the problem, as the same thing couldn't happen to two pedals.
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Power supply... also test both of the cables you are using, because the one you normally don't use for like, when its not plugged in, might be a crappy cable
Also, are you unplugging your leads from the pedal once you've finished playing? If you don't do that the pedals continue to use power and drain the batteries.
you dont leave the cables plugged in do you? Even if your amp is off and the pedal is off, and you leave everything plugged in it still drains the battery. When i first started playing i did this a couple times, and an entire night of slowly draining the battery does a lot

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I didn't keep cables in cause I've been playing on my amp by itself for awhile I want to use the pedal now lol and the batteries shouldn't die the second you put them in even if they're cheap? Oh and the battery doesn't taste like it's dead. Any of the batteries.
But since it goes to the amp fine when it's not active doesn't that mean they aren't dead anyway?

Tested the cables on 3 guitars and 2 amps -.-

I don't want an adapter because I actually thought about selling the pedal because I have a line 6 spider III amp then I plugged in the pedal and found out it's not working when it was fine last time I used it >_<
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