I'm selling my Takamine G260 Limited Edition black Dreadnought guitar. This guitar is in excellent like new condition. The guitar was around $275.00 new and then I had the action professionally set-up by a luthier in Kutztown at Meadowwood Music (check it out online) which cost me around 60.00. There were not many of these made...

The guitar will come in the original cardboard box it came in from the store with the original packing. I have other acoustics and I prefer the roundback of my ovation.

This is a Takamine, not a Jasmine... the real deal!
I'm asking $175.00 shipping included for the guitar.

Will be shipped in original box. I will have actual pictures Friday, the guitar is at my home in Kutztown, I'm at college currently.

PM me for more info.

I'm currently at school (college) and will be here until Friday October 10th.

It looks like this except without electronics...
Takamine G.jpg

I need to measure back at my house. If you guys are serious send me a PM