Alright, I got my new guitar processor just yesterday, and I'm amazed at how well it works. Today I've began setting up everything I need to start recording through it via the USB connection I established between it and my PC.

I updated my RP's firmware accordingly to the instructions, installed the drivers, got a copy of X-Edit and Cubase LE, now I only need a little help to start recording. I couldn't find any instructions for it on the internet (when I tried, all I got was freakin' ads!), so I was thinking maybe someone here has experience with the issue and can help me out.

Everything seems to be working properly, except this:

I know that empty space shouldn't be there. I should be able to select something from there as the line for recording, and then record with any sound recorder out there (Sound Forge, Audacity, hell even Windows' default...). Can anyone clue me in on what's wrong? Thanks in advance.
i'm almost sure that you have to select where you record from in cubase. set the device in the preferences as the default ASIO interface and then on the track you want to record on select it's input as the RP. Hope this helps.
Hah, I got it fixed just now. I just had to tweak around Cubase a bit, now I can record whatever I want. Thanks for the help, man. This can be closed now if you want.
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