The one previewing the new Washburn WM526MR HM guitar. I'd get the video but when I signed up for the magazine I got the $12 subscription assuming that meant the mag + DVD, but it's just the mag. I'm waiting till I resubscribe to get the DVD, I went through this with OXM and ordered the DVD like 3 months in and started getting 2 copies of the mag every month and one DVD, and they're like "NO WE CAN'T JUST ADD THAT ON TO THE SUBSCRIPTION! WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE, HALF WAY INTELLIGENT?!?!?"

It was dumb. So can anyone who gets the DVD possibly upload the segment on the Washburn mentioned above to like youtube or something? There's a cookie in it for you .
GW has a youtube channel, i'm sure its up there.
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