Okay so it's October and I'm thinking that i may want to get a new guitar come holiday time. Now I know I need to try things out myself but I have no idea where to really start.

Here's some info for you guys:
-I play a lot of different stuff so I want a pretty decent amount of versatility (so no EMG's or P-90's maybe something with SD's?)
-I do play some metal and will play more as I get more experienced so keep that in mind
-I have 24 frets now and am not really sure how I feel, they highest ones are really tiny and kind of hard to deal with, not sure if 22 would be better.
-Preferably something with a non-locking tremolo (I like the whammy bar but I change tunings fairly frequently so I want to still be able to do that)
-Something on the lighter side
-Thin neck please (I have small hands)
-Nothing with all single coils
-I'm not sure on a specific budget but I'd say like 500-550 at most? Something in that area

And if it's a nice guitar but something a little different then the usual, that'd be an added bonus
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