Im looking to getting into some home recording

I have about 300-400$ to spend

Me and my band have electric drums, a bass, and 2 guitars, we do have some acoustic guitars everyonce and a while. and of course a singer

I dont know to to much about recording but i would like to

If you could help me pick out some gear i would appreciate it

Thanks in advance
i firepod costs like 400 bucks, and if u have a computer to hook it up to then that should be all u need cause it comes with cubase le recording software.
Well the FP10 (Firepod) is a nice interface but if you have e-drums you really don't need all of those 8 inputs...unless you have a drum module with a good number of outs however I would still record using MIDI for e-drums.

even still, that's a high priced interface for more pro grade studios...
And you still need to buy mics and such which really add up.

I suggest getting the Mackie Onyx Satellite, (the Inspire 1394 of you have Vista).
These interfaces sound good and are just $200 a piece.

As for mics, get yourself at least one Shure SM57 and a condenser, (Rode NT1A or MXL 990) for vocals.

$400 may sound high in price but you are talking pro audio now which means high prices. Recording isnt cheap...
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I would try Reaper. Its a try it and if you like it, they ask for a $50 donation. Its not crippleware so if you dont have the funds to pay then dont. But your getting a program which competes with Cubase,ProTools LE and others for $50. You cant beat it. I have a Mackie 1640 firewire mixer and I know the Onyx Satellite is a great piece of hardware. It comes with I believe Tracktion 2 which is free when you buy it. I started out with Tracktion 2 and now use Tracktion 3, no big differences between them. While the Mackie Satellite has the better preamps (between Firepod and Mackie), you dont get 8 preamps as with the Firepod. I have 16 preamps with my Mackie and at times use all. But I record full bands too. Lets see, if you do get to the point you want to record a band all at once, then 8 preamps would be better. 3 for 3 guitarists, 1 for the singer and 4 for the drums. If you get something with say 2 preamps then its limited. Sure you can record say the guitar, then the bass, then the singer. Then its a huge problem with the drums. Unless like mentioned you use midi drums or loops