I was hoping for some feedback on this new song I wrote. Theres a part in the middle of just strings that sounds a bit off, but obviously will sound different when recorded. C4C of course.

The Tempest.zip
not a bad stuff, but it needs more integrity, because right now it sound more like a lot of (good) riffs thrown together. Make parts derivate one from another, or make the riff feeling go away. That acoustic solo is epic there... I totally dig that! Nice job
I liked it. The piano at bar 57 is good, but i think you could of done more with the strings. It's pretty random but put together at the same time. I enjoy offbeat stuff and by offbeat I mean...well not "rhythm". I like the guitars around bar 157 too. The acoustic solo is simple but wicked man. Also, you definitely need drums in there Its kind of bland with out them.
Good song though.

I have a song that's kind of random like this, check it out
I really liked it, though bar 85-86 I feel was too sudden of a change, bar 177-178 I also think didn't feel right, stuff some kind of transition in there.
The outro solo I think sounded "solo-y" enough, more like a melody line, but hey, thats just me!

But overall, a solid song with no major complaints, if you stuff in bass and drums it would be wicked
I agree with what Zeroxk has said. Also leading into bar 80, maybe have a rallentendo rather than just change to 110 bpm suddenly.

Also, add drums and bass.