So basically I need a looping pedal and it looks like I'd get one of those two. I'd be using it to play live by myself, not with a backing band. I'd love the Aux input of the RC-20xl but I heard that it doesn't have as good drums as the RC-2 which I'd want for playing live since I'd be by myself. So, which one should I go for?
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I love my RC-2. IIRC, the RC-2 has an Aux too. It hsa some small input on the back anyway...

The only difference is the extra pedal of the 20 and the reverse mode. An RC-2 w/ Footswitch will be the same, just no reverse function, for cheaper than the RC-2. It's nevre been important to me, reverse hat is.
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What about the drums? I hear the drums on the RC-20xl are crap. Also the small hole on the back you're speaking of is an output for a power supply.
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Which one is easier to actually make loops that stay in time?
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rc-2 ftw

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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rc-2 ftw

Really? I heard the 20xl was easier to make loops that stay in time.
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Then why did you ask?

I was simply confirming. So is the general consensus RC-20xl>RC-2?
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None are better at making loops thsat stay in time. What good would a looper be if the loops didn't stay in time?

Get the RC-2 and a footswitch.
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