ok, i just got a small mole removed from my face friday. so i have five stitches on my cheek and whatnot. before the dermatologist removed it, he gave me a few shots in my cheek that made it swell up like crazy. its gone down quite a bit but it's still swelling like crazy. and it's really bad when i wake up in the morning.

so, how can i make the swelling go down?
i dont want to go to school with my eye swollen shut.
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do what slipknot did.

Took me a few seconds, but I get it.
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you're trying to trick me aren't you?

but yea, an ice pack of some sorts will work
don't go to school?
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How about you go back to the dermatologist instead of asking an internet forum where the average age of contributors is about 15?
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