Here is my bass cover to Eagle Fly Free by Helloween. I would normally just videotape myself playing this over the official recording because it would be better and more interesting, but unfortunately I left my amp at the guitar player in my band's house so I had to resort to something else. Therefore, I recorded my bass through my Bass PodxT into Sony Acid Music Studio.

I make a few tiny mistakes here and there, and mess up a lot on the tapping part (my only experience with tapping is this song), but other than that please tell me what you think. I need some feedback so I could possibly improve.

Note: After playing this side to side with the official recording, I realized that my tempo was different than the recording. I'm playing a little for the most part, but I played without a metronome clicking in the recorder and I wasn't listening to the song as I played it, so I had to go by memory.

Eagle Fly Free (Bass Cover)
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