The epiphone silverburst . what Is everyone's opinion on this guitar? It is just curiosity .
wish it was mine =[
i just got ebony
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I own the White Version of it. Its very good in my opinion. the tone is pretty great. The neck is faster than i expected. And you can get from blues to chunky metal sounds.
In my opinion its very versatile.
i have owned it for a year and a half so i guess i have some input,

first off it looks sick in person, i personally didnt like the pick guard so i took that off and it looks even cooler, if thats possible to comprehend

as for the sound i wasnt impressed, i mean they are epiphone stock pickups soooo about a year ago i purchased two gibson burst bucker pro pickups and now it sounds amazing.

so final verdict: its a great guitar but i highly sugest having upgrades in mind
i have it!! i love it!! i agree with people that it needs upgrades on the pickups, but its just fine how it is now.

it looks amazing man, i love the paint so much. i took the pick guard off too, but yea, u gotta do wut u gotta do.

anyways, its sweet!

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