Poll: Who can swee pick?
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I can sweep pick close to perfect
29 22%
I can kinda sweep pick, but still learning
49 38%
I try, but fail
51 39%
Voters: 130.
Who here can fully sweep pick, like 4-5 string, pretty clean and different variations etc.

EDIT: I know it say's "Swee Pick" in the title, its a typing error and i dont know how to fix it.

Yes, poop.
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I can sweep pick.
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Sure you can sweep pick, but can you whammy without a whammy bar?
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3 string sweeps for me :P
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I can sweep pick.
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Sure you can sweep pick, but can you whammy without a whammy bar?

Yes. It's called a neck bend. Boy, I sure am sick of that ****ing fad.
i can sweep up...but not down...
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Yeah dood, I can do 5 string sweeps.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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I'm a bassist. What is sweep picking?
you need a "what is sweep picking?" option
I Want One!!!

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It seems sweeping is not that hard after all,
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I can do 6 string sweeps. There are some that I actually practice enough to be adequately clean, but a lot of them I half improvise and obviously those aren't clean like they should be. I still can't do a sweep and then tapping at the bottom like they do. I just can't make it flow right.
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i can do 3 and four string sweeps, and im working on five
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If I practice a shape a lot, I can play it sort of fast after a while.

Stupid heroes of mine, always sweep picking 64th notes and whathaveyou.
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Yeah dog 12-string sweeps for me.

Actually I can't at all. I want to though.
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I can sweep, but after learning how to do it, I NEVER EVER sweep pick.
Its just boring now.

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I'm clean with like 3 arpeggios (5 string) and a lot of 3 string shapes.
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I can do 5's cleanly, and 6's somewhat cleanly...

I try 7 string sweeps all the time, I fail at them. Hard.
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its fairly simple once you actually master it, its just getting a variation in all your sweeps is the difficult part.
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Can't be bothered to learn to sweep properly, I get angry and just forget about it for a few months
i can sweep well, but i rarely find an appropriate time to use them jamming. i can sit down and write one over a chord progression, but just flat out playing one that makes sense over a 3 or 4 chord jam with a drummer or bass player i cant do well.

i learned one sweep out of a book a year ago, once u learn one u have learned them all basically.