alright im looking into buying a wah soon, i don't really want to spend over 120$.

i was looking into the Vox V847A. was wondering if theres another i should look into, on eof my friends said a crybaby but which type?

i play things like ac/dc, van halen, hendrix etc. this is more of just for having fun with tho. oh and im playing through a fender hot rod deluxe and don't really have any othe rpedals besides a boss digital delay.

uhh i have the dunlop 335q one the one that can change its sound. i mean its fine, but like its not great. i thought i was going to have fun with it but now i HATE wahwah. im not sure how much it is but i heard the clyde mcoy wah is good. and vox should be fine too, maybe try the slash wah.
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Um I wouldn't reccomend the Clyde McCoy because I heard it sucks a lot of tone even though its true bypass. And the slash wah isnt very good either, heres a list of some good ones.
-Vox V847
-Budda Wah
-Crybaby Original
-Fulltone (very expensive)

I think the Vox is the best for your price range. I'm currently ordering a Budda wah but its about 160 and I'm not 100% sure how it compares to the Vox.
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Try all the different Crybaby models you can, and the Vox, and see what YOU like best. Also use your guitar, because a wah is going to mess with your tone (that's the whole point of it), and if you don't like it, you're screwed.

I like the Classic Crybabys a lot, that's what I would recommend. Some people don't like Crybabys because they think they don't sweep enough and they're too "vintage" sounding. I like them for these supposed "limitations".

I don't give two sh#ts about the 535Q, or the Crybaby Hendrix though. They don't do jack for price or features, honestly. The Slash wah is awesome, but it's too expensive, and it's an endorsement product, so you're really buying what sounds best for Slash's gear, although it sounds good with lots of other stuff too. I'm a big fan of him, but you've got to blaze your own trail with your own sound, not buy something just because somebody put their name on it.