I have an Ibanez GRX20 and the only mod ive done to it is i scalloped frets 18 - 22. what do you think would be the next most worthwhile modification for this guitar? New pickups? ( i play deathmetal shred hardcore kinda stuff)
sure you could hit the pups, or update the tuning pegs. All depends on what you want..gotta get going some were right.
i installed a killswitch on my guitar, pretty simple

i also made a talkbox which was fun to do
dimarzio are quite good for your type of music, search the pickups on the website.
other custommizations could be, getting a new bridge, tuners, neck, custom paintjob etc.
Good luck anyway
yeah, some new pickups, or new tuners.
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i installed a killswitch on my guitar, pretty simple

i also made a talkbox which was fun to do

howd you make a talkbox? was it hard?
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howd you make a talkbox? was it hard?

verry easy, i did it bymyself but i think theres one on YouTube.

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having never heard the guitar id say tuners or a really good set up done by a pro
not really a mod but prob worth the money

Here's said guitar....

It's pretty good for the price. Worth upgrading, IMO. You could go to a more expensive guitar like the RG321, but then you'd still need new pick-ups and a Pro set-up.

I'd say cavity shielding and pup's bro.

That's what I want to do to my guitar. I locked the tremolo by just tightening the screws to the body. I don't use the whammy and the guitar gets better tone.

At this pricepoint, I'd only go Ibanez or Yamaha. No plywood there. Even the cheapest Yamahas and Ibanez are made out of solid wood, not plywood and the playability and set-up is superb.
Cavity shielding, and maybe add another volume so you have a volume for each pickup. And if you never change your tone knob, you could put three volume knobs: one for each pickup, and a master, so you can pan pickups.
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Is there space in the cavity for a third pot??

I'd go only to new pup's and a push pull and/or 5-pos blade like on the RG321.