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Unless I want a beard.
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Never. I have a full beard. I trim it every 2-3 weeks I guess.
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every morning I shave around my goatee
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Mostly when I feel like it, I generally have a scruff going on. I could/probably should shave daily though.

oh that is great!

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every other day
same here.
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once or twice a week but I haven't shaved in a while because...
1. I don't want to
2. I can't find my razor...
3. I'm a lazy azzhole who is too stoned most of the time and COMPLETELY forget...

Take your pick...
Normally once a week or whenever I feel compelled to do it. I don't like being clean shaven.
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every second day
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Every weekend. But i REALLY dont need more than that, being 15.
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when i feel like it, or daily cause my job requires me so.
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I haven't been clean shaved in over 5 years.

and I'm only 22...
curses! foiled again

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every 4 to 5 days. Doesnt grow that fast
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i dont know i havent shaven my beard completely since june its just trimmed cause im too lazy
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i was thinking about letting it grow til march, but i might shave in 5 minutes and give up because its sort of itchy.
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Every other minute. Otherwise it just gets out of hand and I look like a hippy.
Once a week. I could every 2 does or so.
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face ?

sorry young pitters, your time will come soon !

im 14, and ive had a beard since the 7th grade

once every month, but thats to make sure my skin doesn't get real rough and fuzzy. sometimes i grow it out to see how long itll get.
Everyday. I get a five-oclock shadow by the time school is over.

It actually kinda sucks.
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im 14, and ive had a beard since the 7th grade

once every month, but thats to make sure my skin doesn't get real rough and fuzzy. sometimes i grow it out to see how long itll get.

really depends on if im trying to grow facial hair or not.

If I had a job that required me to be clean shaven, i would have to shave every day..

as should any grown male, this topic is stupid-
I have to every day or I get kicked out of school. Seriously.
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every few days to every week, not enough to shave everyday but too much to just keep it growing (I'm 16 :P )
Every couple o' days.
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Whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I go a month or two without shaving.
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