My first guitar needs a break so i'm buying a new, i've reduced my choices to 2 guitars (a Ibanez RG370 and a ESP LTD KH-202) so prior to the buy i would like some help with the pros and cons on each guitar.

To make it easier for you: I have small hands, I play mostly Punk and Metal, I have 11 months playing guitar but im learning fast, my amp is a Laney LX20, I'm very careful with my stuff.

BTW, I'm on a $500 budget

Base You advises on those things

PD: here you can see both guitars

The Ibanez
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id say ibanez only because of the small hands bit. i know they make a thinner neck near the higher frets, but im not sure if its smaller all the way down. that being said, its made for shred so im sure your hands will fit fine.
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small hands = shortscale

jaguar HH / mustang great for punk, great for small hands.

but if you want just those 2 I say go for the ibanez

1) because I hate 90% of ESP's
2) because EMGs are shit
3) Ibanez are really versatile, and popular for both punk and metal

to quote someone from another site "the only thing I'd drop EMGs into is the trash"

EDIT : didn't see the budget part....
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I would say the KH.
They divebomb great, and are very tough. I saw a video of him doing a solo with one onstage, and he just throws it and throws it on the stage until it finally snaps in half.
Kirk Hammett has pretty small hands, so I imagine a guitar designed by him would have smallish frets...
I think you'd be better off getting a Jackson of comparable price. The DXMG has somewhat better pickups as well as a much better trem. It's also made in Japan unlike the Ibanez OR the LTD.
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if your hands are THAT small you could always get the KH junior

otherwise those two guitars are basically the same because im pretty sure they have the same scale, but the KH might have wider fret wires.

IMO if you wanted that kindof guitar i would go with the RG or either the

UC200 LTD or the JH200 jeff hanneman sig. Way nicer finishes, and i think cheaper. THe JH has a kahler trem but ive never played it so i cant compare to other trems.