What amp do you have? It's not going to make a difference with a cheap solid state, and isn't going to help much if you want to play metal on a vintage voiced amp. That said, what do you want to play with it?
Right now I'm playing with a spider III 75W, but I'm going to replace it for probably the peavey vavleking 112 combo

I'm mostly will be playing all kinds of metal
Well, what bands? The VK is kind of like a Marshall JCM900 in voicing, which will be enough for most 80s metal, but not enough for newer stuff like Disturbed, Rammstein, etc. In all honestly, get a new amp first, because you will not notice a pickup change on the Spider.
Depending on what you concider "metal", I would probably go with emg 81, and 85s. Then again, I would recoment you just getting a better guitar with better pickups already installed.
I'd say just get a new guitar because by the time you by the pickups and if you get professionally installed its gonna cost more than the guitar itself.
it depends on what style you like playing, if your using your les paul for blues i would look at getting seymour duncan vintage blues pickups which work especially well with mahogony bodies, but i think you just need to have a look around for pickup reviews before splashing the cash
just put a p90 in that and then go and buy a new guitar
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Going with everybody else, I say just get a new guitar. You could get an awesome ESP LTD eclipse with EMG's already in it for the same price of the guitar, the pickups, and putting them in.
Good choice with the Valveking btw.

If you really have your heart set on it, it would be very hard to go wrong with EMG's through a Valveking.
Why the fck is everybody recommending a new guitar? TS never said he needed versatility, and even if he did, he could use a mid-high output pickup in the bridge and a low gain one in the neck.
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A VK will be able to do '80s thrash by itself no problem, but if you want to put it into modern territory it'll require several upgrades...

1. Overdrive pedal. This helps tighten it up.
2. Dummy jack in the 1st input, guitar in 2nd input.
3. New speaker/new tubes.
4. Placing a board between the speaker and the open back. (tightens up the bass)
5. Equalizer pedal.

The VK also has several eq quirks...

1. It's a very trebly amp. Operate it from 1 - 5 as opposed to the usual 0 - 10.
2. Mids should go between 1 - 8 rather than 0 - 10.
3. Bass operates as normal, but don't overdo it.

The gain boost, while also tightening things up considerably, makes the distortion sound fizzy and unattractive. If you do decide to use the gain boost you'll need to crank it to about 6 to cover up the fizz. An overdrive essentially obsoletes the gain boost (although sometimes I use both for double br00t4lz )

The VK will suit your needs for everything from easy listening up to '80s thrash with ease, though.
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I'm thinking about getting a vk 112 too how much would it cost to replace tubes + speakers and is it a job i can do myself?

i'm not very handy at all..
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I'd say just get a new guitar because by the time you by the pickups and if you get professionally installed its gonna cost more than the guitar itself.

I have an Epi Les Paul Standard and put the Zakk Wylde EMG 85/81 set into it. If you search Ebay, you can get a good deal on the pups. I actually got a brand new set for $125 and got them installed for $50.

I also did the 18 volt mod for a sound that is a bit cleaner. I don't play death metal and they still sound great.
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