harmonycentral.com is a great place to check out reviews. If you just wanna know what's available for under $500, go to musiciansfriend.com and do the sorting from lowest priced to highest.

I don't play metal so I can't make a suggestion based on the tones you would want.. but as far as a good quality amplifier, Ashdown is an awesome brand. I play through an Ashdown and my youtube channel gets a ton of comments on how good my tone is. I've also been looking in to a brand called Acoustic lately and they sound amazing.
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Metal? What else is new. If you're just starting, get a Crate or a Gallien Krueger Backline.
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Look into ashsdown hatke and peavey they all make resonably priced amps. I reckon an ashdown mag 1x15 series will do you good.
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Ashdown is great for low end, which is definately needed for metal.

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