so i was on ie and my tabs on the top and where i type in web adress's disappeared. how do i make it come back? cant type in an adress everything disappeared wondering how i got here im using firefox.
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Don't use the worst internet browser available?
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Go Chrome.
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Google Chrome is fantastic, though I'm a Firefox user currently.
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F6 or F4. Can't remember which.
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no i mean like nothing shows up on top nothing at all. its empty. no file,edit,view,history options none of that.
Hello, My name is Armando and im your bunny
press f11. you mgiht be in fullscreen mode

or screenshot it and post it
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I downloaded it yesterday and its great, mainly cause you fit more of everything on your screen and I read a test review on speed and booting times and such between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and Google Chrome came out on top mostly.
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Chrome is awfully rude to me. It'll frequently freeze and I have to right-click on the tab in the taskbar to unfreeze it.

It's like it is playing games with me.

But yeah, I can't fathom why anyone would still use IE, if they've ever read ANYTHING about other browsers.
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