so on my strat, i upped the gauge on my strings from 9's to 11's. i had my guitar set up to accomodate this (action, neck, etc). i also had 2 more springs added to the tremelo (i originally had 3, so now i have 5) because that's what i was told to do by the salesman at guitar center. so i went down to my local guitar shop to get more springs added in. i'm just curious, was it really necessary to add in the 2 extra springs?
also, now when i use my tremelo, i can hear the springs inside making this high pitched noise. it's kind of like a twanging sound. is this expected due to the increased tension that's been added? will this sound go away over time?
once they get stretched out, it should. but that seems excessive for .11s...
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5 springs will definitely help it stay in tune better (especially with 11s) and the sound should go away as the springs are stretched.

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