When I was a kid I had one of those mini Marshall amps that clips onto your belt, but it wasn't very loud and the distortion was weak. I'm curious as to if there has been any technological advances?
Matamp Minimat.
I'm looking for something I can play Vai style stuff. But over al, the loudest amp that clips on my belt will do.
Microcube looks the best option, most miniamps just have two channels. You get massive versitility with the microcube.
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I couldn't find the spacs on the Microcube, but it looks kinda big. Can I clip it on my belt?

no, its too big for that
The Heavy Metal Vox AmPlug may be just what you're looking for, and at $39, it's a steal -- I own the Classic Rock, AC30, and HM versions and have no complaints.
I went shopping for a battery powered amp today, tested out the Micro Cube and Vox DA5.

It was a close thing but I'll be picking up my DA5 tomorrow. I found it an all round better amp than the MC. Bigger speaker so no speaker break up at higher volumes, effects were more versitile and editable. Yeah, basically the DA5 Just edged out the MC in every deptartment