Hello, I'm mostly a brutal/melodic death metal player and I'm looking for fellow experienced guitarist like my self to help me out here. First things first, I play lead and rhythm.

I wanna know about the Jackson SL3 Soloist.

Does this axe play well? I know noone who has played it and no stores around here have one in stock. Ive read reviews, good and bad, so i thought id try this UG forum.

If your an experienced metal player please respond to this...I'd like to know the ups and downs of this guitar, is the action set-up for fast/smooth play, Overall playability etc.

Heres the link of this model...


Dont buy it unless you play it first. Go to guitar center and try some stuff out, im pretty sure you can get a way better deal at the shop then you would online if you just haggle your way down.
Yeah, I reccomend playing it, although it looks like a fairly high end Jackson, and Jacksons are really bloody good guitars. Sound and play excellent.
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The guitar i just sold was the Jackson Kelly KE3 model, personally i think it played like crap.

And, I've already checked Guitar-Center and Music-Go-Round. Neither had the Jackson Soloist SL3 but the only way for me to get a chance to play it at Guitar-Center is to put a down payment on it to order it, which i think is kinda stupid being that i might not enjoy the guitar.