Yes, my first attempt with THREE guitars.
I think I did well.

But of course, UG's opinion is always a good thing.

Crit 4 Crit, as always. Leave links. Thanks.
Three Guitar Onslaught.zip
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*Is impressed*

None of it seemed forced which is good. In the chorus it sounded like some of it was clashing, might just be me though?

And a few other occasions it sounded kind of like something was clashing.

The lead at 118 kind of was a bit of a mood killer. The last 4 bars were a good way of ending it.

Overall pretty good, just a few things sound like they could do with some fixing.
okay. thanks
dunno about the clashing. but i'll see what i can do. thanks again.
Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
haha. thank you, thank you.
Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
Very cool. For some reason in the outro I was expecting harmony on the riff. The riff would go for 4 bars and then it would continue with some sort of Maiden-esque harmony over the top. Don't ask me what interval cos I'm not sure exactly what I mean, but yeah that's just my opinion. Otherwise, very good.




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that was impressive dude. i like how they all actually blended together.

but i agree with regression at the 118 part. you should have some sort of transition into it instead of going straight for it. like have i put in a short 1 bar interlude of just opens, and it made it sound alot better. but just mess around with it

still amazing nonetheless
That was sweet as dude, I'm not usually one to give advise/criticism, but it was ended well, and it seemed to flow through the whole song.

Keep it up man!
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wow Honcho Grande choo can play three guitars at once

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The drum intro got me jacked as sh*t, the feed back/fad in during bar 16-18 was good too.
The only thing is that it was hard to hear some of the guitar riffs at points, but with 3 guitars it can be tricky. The feed back fill is so cool man, the one from bar 16-19 that's defiantly my fav part

Good tune
loved it, the break down before the pre chorus was sick but the buildup after it was sorta anticlimactic...... just my opinion