Hello, I'm mostly a brutal/melodic death metal player and I'm looking for fellow experienced guitarist like my self to help me out here. First things first, I play lead and rhythm.

I wanna know about the Jackson SL3 Soloist.

Does this axe play well? I know noone who has played it and no stores around here have one in stock. Ive read reviews, good and bad, so i thought id try this UG forum.

If your an experienced metal player please respond to this...I'd like to know the ups and downs of this guitar, is the action set-up for fast/smooth play, Overall playability etc.

Heres the link of this model...


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it's an average guitar. it's got the compound radius neckthru like an american soloist, but the bridge is licensed not original floyd and the fretwork isn't quite up to par with american soloists, so the action isn't quite as low but otherwise it's a very solid guitar for the price. i'd say on par with a midrange ibanez rg, schecter or esp
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