string gauge do you use? Just curious, I use Ernie Ball gauge 10's for electric, think I might go back to 11's though.

I use D'Addario gauge 12's for my acoustic.
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I believe there's a thread just like this somewhere in the forums, but anyway. I use 09's on my electric (though I want to change them to 10's) and flat wound 11's on my semi-hollow.

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As a rule of thumb, the heavier the better they're going to sound, but of course harder to play. I tried 13s on my electric, sounds great but it'll still take a while to evolve carbon-fibre tipped fingers.

That said, drop-d tuning makes things a lot easier.

Plus there's the added bravado value... real men use piano strings... real men use cheese wire, etc, etc
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Definitely! I went to their concert this year and man was that great! ;] Chick is my all time favourite pianist.

I love Chick Korea Elektric band especially.
I'm a wimp. I've always played with 0.09's (though I have a hybrid setup on one guitar - 0.10's on the lowest 3 strings, 0.09s on the highest).
I've played with pretty much every gauge up to .13's, that now find myself playing with .09's and loving it. I think they sound great and play great. Whatever sounds and feels right to you is the way to go IMO.
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Oops, completely forgot about this thread. ^Yeah man, when I first started out I played with .09's just cuz, well, they were the strings on it when I bought it! As long as it had strings that was the main thing lol!

I luv my .11's now tho, they give a warmer tone.

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i use .70 - .13 ....... its brutal.

I guess that's ideal, since you play metal.
I've got 9's on my Tremolo guitar (I keep this in standard), and 11's on both my acoustic and my fixed bridge guitar. I prefer the feel of 9's, but on acoustics it apparently kills the tone/volume, and thin strings don't mix with downtuning.

D'Addario all the way as far as brands go.
D'Addario .09s - give the shred tone I like for hard rock licks and solos. Big gauges have fuller sounds - but amps can help balance it out a little