So I bought a guitar cleaning kit... it had a bottle of polish, a cloth, a cheap black stringwinder, and three picks. They're matte black, with a golden Gibson logo, with "Pure" written beneath it, and "M" written beneath that.

I think it's safe to say these are the best picks I've ever played... and I've tried loads

Anyone know where I can get a big-ass bag of these?

hmm, ive never heard of those....i use the Fender Celluloid Meds, there pretty good...

idk, ill check em' out though...

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pics would help alot
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Sorry about the size... best pic I could get... gold's kinda shiny
Dude... that's a wedge pick... I HATE wedge picks...

Thanks anyway, much appreciated
Medium's just right for me. Thick picks feel too stiff and heavy, and thins feel too floppy... medium's juuuust right.

Plus, I found them at Stringsdirect, albeit with a different logo. Thanks =]

i got a bunch of them. for free though lol. they were giving them out like crazy at the gibson expo every year near my house.
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