I have a strat copy that I am improving ?
At the moment it has a un-named string lock that I would like to replace with a better one, my problem is that the old one is shaped to fit the strat head stock, ie the base plate is curved.
Do you know of anyone who makes them
Thanks TonyBlue
a string lock is a bar that allows you to bolt the strings down after they have been fastened to the tuneing pegs. it is mostly used with a folyd rose wammy system. the fine tuneing in done at the tail bridge with hand tuners. with this you can use the wammy bar and stay in tune.
what the guy above me described is a locking nut. there are also locking tuners and locking saddles for your bridge. if you are not going with a floyd do not bother drilling your neck for a locking nut just buy some locking tuners for about 50 usd.