Hi everyone, first post. I love this site, and this forum. So informational.

Anyway, I've got a predicament.

I just bought a beautiful brand new Yamaha classical. It plays like a dream.

The problem is, it came without the 9v battery cover.

The guitar is a Yamaha CGX-141CCA Classical.

Can anyone on here give me an idea of where to look to find a replacement for this guitar's 9v battery cover??

Would I have to order it directly from Yamaha? I can't seem to find any place online where I can buy it.

Thanks in advance,

If you go to your local guitar shop or any music store within distance I'm sure, if they're geneous enough, they'd let you have one for a small price, I've done that before.

If not you could try looking on the internet for any spare parts for guitar, or like you said contact Yamaha directly.

How are you finding the electro/classical?
Well, I would find it a lot better if I could try out the electric part. But the classical part is very sweet.
Also, I tried the cover from my friend's ibanez acoustic/electric bass, because I thought it was a similar design, but it ain't the same, unfortunately. So now I'm feeling disillusioned about using a random one. I guess I'll try some local shops though... thanks for the input.
just go to ur local store with the guitar and show it to the guy. u probably have to place a special order, which they will send it to u depending on what service u get...i recomand paying to get faster shipping, because i didnt bother paying extra to get it shipped faster and it came like 4 wks later...